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A mobile barber is a trained hairstylist that does the same job as a traditional barber does except that they don’t work from a barber’s store but go to the client’s house to cut or style their hair. The mobile barber usually offers the same services such as cutting and styling men’s and boy’s hair as well as beard trims, grooming and the usual services you would expect from a barber. A professional mobile barber will have all the necessary hair equipment and haircare products with them and will also clean and remove any hair that is shorn after cutting, styling or grooming your hair.

Mobile barbers are an excellent option for those who can’t leave their house due to age, illness, whether physical or mental health challenges for anxiety and agoraphobia, incapacitation, intellectual disabilities or learning difficulties or learning difficulties such as ADD / ADHD / Autism / Asperger Syndrome or simply that they prefer the convenience of not having to wait in queues or sit in traffic or public transport.

Parents often book a mobile barber because they have one or more young children who find sitting in a busy barber a challenge and can have their children watching their favourite TV shows while having their hair cut without the tears and tantrums. Most parents will know that sitting in a waiting room with kids can be a stressful experience and this is exacerbated by other customers who are not impressed with kids being kids!

You can also hire a mobile barber for you or a friend’s wedding by booking a mobile barber to come to your house to cut and style the groom or groomsmen’s hair as well as the best man or ring bearer before the big day to ensure you look your best. Being at home takes out all the stress of having to queue in a busy barber the day before or even on the big day.

Lastly, with Covid-19 being here to stay for the foreseeable future booking a mobile barber is a lot safer than being in a local barber store where dozens of people pass through on a daily basis. The mobile barber will provide all the necessary Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) such as masks, disposable gowns, gloves, sanitisers and any of the necessary safety measures to ensure your haircut is not just safe but a relaxing experience.

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