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Your toddlers first haircut can be an anxious and emotional time. In many ways, it’s like their first day at school. There is a part of you that doesn’t want to get rid of those lovely locks that they have spent the first few years of their life growing. But you know, cute as they look trying to make them look respectable on your family day out can leave you tearing your own hair out.

Rather than all the tears and tantrums we have put together a few helpful tips to make your toddlers first haircut as tearless as possible. As excited as they are about being fussed over, as soon as the scissors comes out many kids will have a sudden change of heart and decide they don’t want to be in the chair after all.

Avoid all the drama by following these tips;

  • Have your childs hair cut at home (see below to book)
  • Have a distraction such as a device or a favourite toy
  • Give lots of praise and positive affirmations
  • Bring snacks or healthy treats
  • Ask for a keepsake lock!

At Mobile Barber Shop Dublin I have 20 years experience cutting kids and toddlers hair and can come to your home to cut your children’s hair. I can take the stress out of sitting in a hairdressers waiting for your turn only to have to go through the tears and tantrums when unfamiliarity kicks in.

Book me below to come out and cut your children’s hair in the comfort of your own home.

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