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In-Home Haircuts For Seniors

Most people enjoy looking their best no matter what age or stage in life they are. Looking your best shouldn’t be a hindrance or even a luxury for people who are in getting on in life whether it is due to mobility issues, health concerns or medical conditions that can make something as simple as getting a haircut or grooming difficult. But even if you are fighting fit, you may be concerned about going to your local barbers when they reopen after months of being closed under government lockdowns. Now, there is no excuse to put off your next haircut.


Let a Mobile Barber Come to You

As a barber who has been working with senior clients for twenty years, I can appreciate as people grow older their styles and hair treatments can often change. The benefit of having a mobile barber come to you to cut your hair is not only are you more relaxed but you can ask me any questions you may have about your hair or how you’d like it cut or styled have without worrying about other customers being around or being rushed.


Mobile Barber That Makes Home Visits

As men get older, some have to compete with thinning hair or bald spots which can be cut short and styled to compensate for this. Similarly, blocked hairlines are good for men with thinner necks, while tapered cuts are a better option for heavyset men with thicker necks. Regardless of the type of hair you have or head and neck size, it can be cut or styled in a way that suits you to make you look your very best no matter what.


Personal Home Hair Stylist & Barber for Seniors

Mobile barbers and hairdressers are becoming much more popular with the advent of smartphones and the older generation leading much more active lives. But even if you are not tech-savvy or have the ability to get out and about as much as you used to, I can be of assistance to you and come to your home to give you a personalised haircut by simply giving me a call on the number below or making an online booking to arrange for me to cut your hair.


Seniors Haircuts at Home

Whether you have a social occasion such as a baptism, wedding or other event, it is important to look your best. For many, getting their hair cut is an important social experience. I get that and understand how the current pandemic has curtailed that which is why my primary concern is focused on the client’s safety as well as offering you individual attention. I will take the worry out of having to visit your local barbershop or the nearest hairdressers that might be booked in advance and come to you instead.


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